Leeann Sheely

Design & Direction


The C-Word with Lena Dunham

From the minds of Lena Dunham and Alissa Bennett, The C-Word is an in-depth exploration of culture's most discussed women—their lives, legacies, and why society is so hell-bent on labeling them "crazy."

Art Direction

I inherited a stack of 1940’s sheet music from my grandmother’s childhood piano lessons. One particular defacement of a Judy Garland piece struck me, next to a pile of seemingly untouched Sinatra, Spitzer, and Berlin covers. Children have been taught for generations that women facing adversity are crazy the C-Word.

Magazines and tabloids have been used to exploit women for decades – but the notion of crazy women goes back even further.

The new look keeps some brand equity, and expands on the history that we hope to convey.


Art Direction:
Leeann Sheely

Grandma Joan
Kyle Ranson-Walsh
Lena Dunham
Alissa Bennett