Leeann Sheely

Design & Direction


Luminary – Hear in a new light.

Luminary – Podcasts Network

Without light, the luminary remains in the dark. We’re turning on the light.

Art Direction

The Luminary brand needed a refresh. The brand equity was lacking, and while the company hurdled staffing changes, much of the original branding had been nearly wiped away. Soon after joining, it was clear that the design team would need some guidelines to lean up against to uphold quality and consistency in the brand that didn’t currently exist.

The Meat & Potatoes

The word mark was re-drawn from the newly defined brand font, Patron. The simpler sans-serif mark is legible at mostly any scale, and retains some of the original identifiers.

The icon was derived from a combination of elements – a spotlight, a speech bubble, and an “L”.

The two main elements of the design system revolve around the two definitions of Luminary. A light – this is our talent, and a blur, which is the other side of the light. That’s us – Luminary.